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If #MalvasiadiCandia had a face


Grape variety Malvasia is, no doubt, one of the most controversial Greek varieties. In order to be precise, Malvasia should not be viewed as a single variety ( there are so many different grapes named Malvasia ) but as a style of wine. It is a generic name given to a wide range of distinct white-, pink-, gray-, or black-skinned varieties which share an ability to produce sweet wines high in alcohol. Believed to be of Greek origin, it was historically grown in the Mediterranean region, the islands of Spanish archipelago and the island of Madeira.

-Malvasia di Candia Aromatica ( Cretan clone of the grape )

Regarding the name given, there are two competing theories:

One asserts that the word is a corruption from Monemvasia, a Venetian fort on the southern-most tip of Peloponnese, translated in Italian as "Malvasia”. The port represented a major transport hub for products traded from Aegean islands to other parts of the Mediterranean. A second theory states that the name is derived from the district of Malevizi , near the city of Heraklion (which Venetians called “Candia”) on Crete, which was one of the principal areas of production for the sweet wines (malvasian wines) of the island at the time. In any case Malevizi and Candia have lent their name to the grape variety Malvasia di Candia.


Malvasia di Candia Aromatica is a clone that gives grapes of medium size, dense and golden green in color. It gives wines of different styles, ranging from dry white wines, to sweet wines for which was primarily known in the past. The dry ones are claimed to show great aromatic intensity, strong floral character, while the nose and palate show hints of jasmine, nightflower, dried spearmint, stone fruit, peach, apricot, pear, orange zest and honey. Oak added flavors are spices, vanilla, peppers and hazelnut. The sweet ( dessert ) ones show aromas of burnt caramel, hazelnuts, peach, and honey.

If #MalvasiadiCandiaAromatica had a Face, that would be Frida's !

Frida Khalo was a Mexican artist of "Magic Realism", well known for her self-portraits, made with unconventional teqnuiques and a vivid-colored pallete. Frida loved wearing blossoming headbands and flowery hats, expressing her intense rebelious spirit and a warm-hearted soul.

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