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If #Vidiano had a face

If #Vidiano had a face that would be Gilda’s!

Gilda is a female figure who is with no doubt culturally, historically and aesthetically significant. Being an “explosive” superstar, a mysterious, powerful diva. Golden, peachy hair, such as the color of wines made from Vidiano grape variety. The diva of Cretan vineyards, Vidiano couldn’t be represented better.

The Vidiano Story

Vidiano, the “diva” of Crete, is a noble indigenous white grape variety, found mainly around the city of Rethymnon, covering small areas, while there is also a limited number of vineyards further east, near Heraklion city.

In the last 17 years or so, several grape producers and winemakers from Crete have been involved in the revival-process of Vidiano, which has already started to show its strong potential. Vidiano is moderately resistant to downy mildew and sensitive to powdery mildew.

It gives wines of a golden color, with intense, distinct and complex aromas, with the most dominant to be that of peach and apricot, with hints of aromatic herbs, bergamot and minerality following. On the palette, the wines have a full body and strong sensation of alcohol, a fact that is balanced by the moderately high acidity. It appears to have an oily texture that gives structure and character. In more barren soils it gives excellent wines that combine balance and finesse, while when cultivated in plain fields with no inclinations, it gives wines with a more intense fruity character. At high altitudes it has a strong mineral and vegetal character and a more accentuated acidity.

When fermented in inox, single varietal Vidiano tends to give wines of medium acidity, medium body and a light, lemon-green color.

Vidiano is believed to have an excellent aging potential, providing the wines with creamy, fatty texture and aromas of toasted bread, gentle smoke notes and ripe stone fruits.

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