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If #Kotsifali had a face


Kotsifali is grown mainly on Crete, where it is one of the most important red indigenous varieties. It is a light, red-skinned grape, disease-resistant, often “difficult” in cultivation, with naturally high sugar levels that lead to strongly alcoholic wines, especially when the grapes are late harvested (when the sugars are most accumulated). Kotsifali is typically harvested in late August, although the exact harvest date naturally varies from vineyard to vineyard.

A quite interesting theory states that the alter-ego (in terms of blending) of Kotsifali is Mandilari, another famous, indigenous red grape variety of Crete, in the same way that Merlot completes Cabernet Sauvignon in Bordeaux Blend. This is based on the fact that Kotsifali provides body and structure, whereas Mandilari benefits the wine with strong pigmentation (Kotsifali has a distinct lack of anthocyanins, the compounds that give color to the wine). Apart from that, Kotsifali is popularly blended with the international Syrah as well, giving brilliant, structured wines.

Wines are full bodied, rich styled, relatively low in tannins and acidity, ideal for those who prefer reds with no sharp edges. Delicate aromas of red and dark fruits (cherry, plum and strawberry), sweet spices and Mediterranean herbs. In terms of aging potential, Kotsifali aged in oak tends to develop intense aromas of leather, foxy notes, sweet spices, cinnamon, forest floor and jammy dark fruits. When aged, wines are great to be consumed from 5 to 8 years.

If #Kotsifali had a face that would be Elvis’s!

I never expected to be anybody important” was the phrase that marked Elvis Presley the legendary King of Rock’n’Roll, a worldwide SuperStar of the music scene.

How does he relate to the Cretan red variety?

Kotsifali is “a rockstar dressed in leather” wine. The intense aromas of leather and foxy notes would describe the kind of wine Kotsifali makes, the more it ages.. Just as the Legendary Rock Star! His trademark?

Leather costumes in each and every show, like the aromas of an aged Kotsifali.

His soft , yet baritone voice assembles the soft tannins and a full-body Kotsifali.

Now you know why this indigenous wine is Crete’s Rockstar dressed in leather!

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