Daily Trip

4.000 years ago, the Minoans were sailing all over the Mediterranean, selling out their finest Wines & Olive oil in the world. Nowadays, Wine is still a major agricultural product of the island, along with Olive Oil production plus Cretan Cuisine’s Delicacies.

Discover and taste some of the most prestigious Cretan wines. At the cross roads of Peza and Dafnes (Wine Areas), your friendly guide and Sommelier, will share her knowledge for Crete΄s Cultural, Gastronomic and Historical Facts.
Our tour is dedicated to the culinary lovers and wine enthusiasts, that wish to discover more about the indigenous flavors of the Island. In a fun and authentic atmosphere, we will make you feel like home. Moreover, you will discover the hidden treasure spots of the island only locals know.

Basic Tour (5 hours) includes:

  • Pick up & drop off at hotel or elsewhere (via Convertible Car, Van, etc)

  • Goodie Bag ( Wine Map, Greek Products with scents that can be traced in wine, )

  • A local sommelier will be escorting you.

  • Also we will take the wheels for you, so you enjoy this experience, without worrying about getting lost in Crete or getting you and your beloved ones safe back at your stay.

  • Learn about the regions you are visiting while on the road

  • Visit a winery, tour it and sample wines produced from indigenous grapes

  • Learn & Play | Enjoy 4 different wines and pair each one with a Cretan Food Recipe (4 wines/4 courses)

“Tailor Made Tours”

  • Choose the basic tour, plus one (1) Experience mentioned below:

  1. Visit another winery of the area and check the diversity of winemaking at the same area

Total Fee per Person: 186€ (tax included)

  1. Visit an Olive Oil Farm / Olive Oil Tasting

Total Fee per Person: 186€ (tax included)

  1. Visit a Cheese Farm (Wine & Cheese Pairing)

Total Fee per Person: 186€ (tax included)

  1. Visit a Cold-Cuts Farm (Wine & Deli Pairing) / Cretan Breakfast available

Total Fee per Person: 186€ (tax included)

  1. Visit an old Monastery

Total Fee per Person: 248€ (tax included)

  1. Wine and Dine at a traditional tavern only locals know

Total Fee Price per Person: 124€ (tax included)

  1. Wine Picnic under the Shades of a Vineyard (Sips & Bites)

Total Fee Price per Person: 248€ (tax included)

  1. Be part of Harvest Season – Help the winemaker treat the vineyard and its fruits (available only in Harvest Period)

 Total Fee per Person: 210€ (tax included)